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Alda and the other ones  _EnPleinAir  Pinerolo (To) Italy

Supported by Regione Piemonte_Provincia di Torino_Comune di Pinerolo
Exhibition ALDA and the other ones will take place 
on 23th may since 31th October 2009

Elena Privitera, Michele Bramante, Renata Panizzieri Lanza, Federica Tammarazio.

 EnPleinair contemporary Art, based in Pinerolo, str.le Baudenasca 118, is glad to invite 
you to the opening of Alda and the other ones exhibit, taking place on 23th may, at 7 p.m.

Since 1997 En Plein Air supports and promotes female art and creativity, with the annual 
project Maionese; the core of Maionese XII is the dialogue between Alda Merini's poetry 
and twenty three invited artists' works: 
in 2009 the show will deepen the concept of female identity in our contemporary society.

The exhibition Alda and the other ones will be divided in three appointments:
Don't Touch me: 
23 may, 7 p.m.: reflection on perception of incommunicability in our time.
27 june, 7 p.m.: atavistic psychological mechanisms behind femininity and motherhood 
Colours from the female:  
hope and resurrection, strength to be themselves and to be in life. 

the Artists:
Roberta Fanti (Bologna)_Marzia Gallinaro (Padova)_Carla Crosio (Vercelli)
Fulvia Zambon (New York)_Rita Vitali Rosati (Fabriano)_Yael Plat (Israele)
Wilma Kun (Brasile)_Natasa Korosec (Croazia)_Valter Luca Signorile (Torino)
Lidia Bachis (Roma)_Marta Valenti (Roma)_Marina Buratti (Alessandria)
Rédha Sbaihi (Algeria)_Simona Palmieri (Rimini)_Caterina Luciano (Torino)
Fernanda Menéndez (Argentina)_Elisa Coutandin (Pinerolo)_Giovanna Ricca (Cavour)
Barbara Cucchiarati (Torino)_Giovanna Ricotta (Milano)
Bozena Krol Logowska(Polonia)_Ugo Giletta (Torino) 
Elisa Parmigiani (Torino)

For more information, please visit our website:

next appointment 4 th july, at 6 pm since 2 august 
exhibition  Alda  and the other ones  

supported by a grant from 
VILLAFRANCA PIEMONTE TOWN, will take place at the 
ex Monastero Chiesa Beata Vergine delle Grazie

Artists:Roberta Fanti (Bologna)_Sara Grazio (Venezia)
Carla Crosio (Vercelli)_Valter Luca Signorile (Torino)
Wilma Kun (Brasile)_Natasa Korosec(Croazia)_
Marialuisa Tadei (Rimini)_Martha Nieuwenhuijs(Olanda)_ 
Marina Buratti (Alessandria)_Caterina Luciano (Torino)
Rédha Sbaihi (Algeria)_Elisa Coutandin (Pinerolo)
Simona Palmieri (Rimini)_Mimmo La Grotteria (Torino)
Ugo Giletta (Cuneo)_Giovanna Ricca (Cavour)
Barbara Cucchiarati (Torino)_Bruno Caterina (Cavour)
Laura Ambrosi (Torino)_Matilde Domestico (Torino)
Shinja Sakurai (Giappone)_Chen Li (Cina)_Ugo Giletta (Torino)
Elisa Parmigiani (Torino)
Natasa Korosec Performance Impossibility to be free

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Cover by Fabio Mingarelli
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