GIGIOTTO DEL VECCHIO: Sabatographs are images created using

a special technical procedure, part of wich you keep secret, but
I hope you can say something about it...

SABRINA SABATO: I wish to answer reflecting on something I consider
the splitting of the rules. The teachers are those who illustrate
you perfectly the tecniques and possible ways to obtain desired
effects, the instead can express thigs with gestures, with photos,
with paintings, but not always with words. You are depling with a
serbe up mistery. It would be boring and pedantic to bugged down
in a sterile tecnique.

G.D.V.: An attempt to overturn the concept of the politics of technique
comes to mind, perhaps this is a limits for an artist today.

S.S.: Techinque if mastered helps you to resolve better problems wich
are conceptually very far apart. The important thing is not to let
yourself be up in the utilization of the means wrapped.
That technique doesn't become an and in itself wich could bring about
sterility in the work turning in the product of an artisan without
poetry or content. However, it must be said that many artists works
of the past, but also contemporary ones would probably not have been
masterpieces if they were without an evident component o technical

G.D.V.: But let's go into the question of research. You are a sort of
art biologist. A fixed element in your work is this sort of obsessive
analysis of the nature of things.

S.S.: To go deep into something, to know it well, gives you the
possibility to avoid confusion. Forsure i don't want to be a moralist,
but in an age like this, in wich confusion is daily bread, i can't
distance myself from the wish to see, to know, to experiment something
until the obsession. I believe besides, i'm more than convinced that it
is the only thing that relaxes me and makes me feel as my ease in the

G.D.V.: The fact of moving to Milan seems to have changed nothing in
your work. I refer to certain fears and anxieties: the curiosity, the
exorcism, the almost obsessive repetition of the subjects

S.S.: We have an inborn nature wich in part prescinds from the
territory where you have lived. But also the most empirical side up
our character creates changes in our being, therefore, the moment you
move elsewhere, you surely find some characters differences accompanied
by pleasures that change you. Today we find ourselves in contact with
a series of messages and massmedia information with a great power of plagiarism.

 Real-Time Sabrina Sabato
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