by Ivana Mulatero e Lisa Parola



"RRRagazze is a reflection instrument
about the work of female artists which is
developped through a chain of
declarations, images, incitements,
To the question "Why is it a book by women only?",
we can answer that their work is more
nimble, more supple and more immediate
for a meeting between history and humanity.
Only nowadays their work is really evident,
current and it has acquired a research speed which
is not frenzy but a continuous verification and comparison."

The artists we have met:
Carla Accardi, Betty Bee, Enrica Borghi,
Giulia Caira, Monica Carocci,
Dadamaino, Chiara Dynys,
Matilde Domestico, Giosetta Fioroni,
Alessandra Galbiati,
Luisa Lambri, Antonella Mazzoni,
Anna Muskardin, Carol Rama, Paola Risoli,
Luisa Valentini, Elke Warth.



(Rivoli 1962), editor and journalist of "Juliet Art
Magazine" in Torino.
Some Experiences:
Pose Sacro Monte di Varallo, Vercelli 1993
Giardino dell'Arte 2 Giardini di Piazza d'Armi,
Torino 1995
Konrad Lorenz's duck Ex Lanificio Bona
Carignano 1995
Nuovi Arrivi San Filippo Torino '95/96/97
Va'PensieroPromotrice di Belle Arti
Torino 1997



(Torino 1964), works like a
critic and journalist on "Torino Sette"
page (La Stampa). Founded
"coordinamento a.Titolo"
(Torino) Already published
Marco Gastini (Hopefulmonster 1994)
Ugo Nespolo (Bolaffi 1996)
Generazione '80 (Lindau 1997)



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