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Irit a life story, 14Kb

I was born in Israel.
Such a beautiful country, mixing beauty and blood,
happiness with tears and wars for peace.
Being an artist in such a country, breathing its conflicts
makes you an expressive artist, by participating emotionally
experiences that other people in other country don't have.
I lost my husband when he was 34 years old, a pilot at the
Israeli Air Force.
I was 30 years old, having two young kids, at the 4th year
in Avni Art Academy in Tel Aviv. Since that time, you can
find a ritual motive of airplanes in the paintings.
Colorful, hiding behind other motives, but always there...
I feel very much as an Israeli Artist, expressing a
stormy life in this country. Staying and working in
kibbutz, which is very unique style of life, serving
the Israeli army at the age of 18, passing so many
wars with big fears, loosing good friends in wars,
and hopping with all my heart for peace.
Since 1990 I live in the north part of Israel,
near the border with Lebanon, as you all know,
for the citizens, life is not very easy here,
from time to time we have to go to shelters,
to get protection from missiles from the
other side of the border.
My work style is the same as my cooking
style. No recipes, very moody, I paint exactly
what I feel and I use all my knowledge and
all materials for best results.


Witches is a beautiful subject which makes me busy
last period. Colorful witches riding their brooms
on my papers. Those colorful figures follow me
from childhood stories on the knees of a German
grandmother, through youth and getting older.
When I grew up, I understood that witches are
not necessarily old ladies, ugly with torn clothes.
I found them also young beautiful and sometimes
even sexy.
So... to all my privet witches which effected
my life and accompanied me, I dedicate those
paintings with a smile.

Witches and me, 18Kb